Remove Object Patch Replacer DaVinci Resolve

Do you have the studio version of DaVinci Resolve? If you do and you need to quickly, easily and automatically remove an object or make some slight changes to it, theen you can use the Patch Replacer tool, which in my opinion is also a better alternative to the Object Removal tool (this is also a studio version only tool).


I show 4 different video clips where I used this tool to remove different objects. You will most likely get superb results if you want to remove an object from a video where the camera or the object are not moving, I say most likely because it depends on the background that you will be replacing it with, so if the background conatins some pattern then that can prove tricky to position just right.


When it comes to moving camera and  non moving object a simple tracking will do just fine, but again it will depend on the background that you can work with – in the video this is the example with a woman sitting on a beach.


As for moving camera and moving objects that you want to remove, this is the last example in the video that I go over quickly as it is fairly similar to do as previous examples. One thing that you want to make sure that you do, is to position the Patch Repalcer tool over the blue cross that you used as tracking, that way to Patch Replacer will follow the tracker.

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