5 Star Review Animation | DaVinci Resolve

The intention of this video is to make a 5 star ratign review animation. But you can also make an 11/10 star review if you want – and it’s something I will do, too bad I only came to the idea when I made the click bait thumbnail.

So for the star animations you can do them with polygons or shapes (shapes are only avaialble in davinci resolve 17 or newer). As for the style you can do what ever you want – I showed you a pop in animation, a single star animation with no shadows, with shadows, with an outline and an animated outline. However, there are even more combinations that I didn’t cover and I’ll make some templates for them that will be available in my shop – as a freebie or paid.

In any case I provided you with the know-how to make your own awesome animated rating. Did you know that you can also use images instead of polygons or shapes when making a template such as this one? Well you can, but it’s sadly not a plug & play solution if you download a 3rd party template.

Until next time Jackalls, Keep it Digital

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