Foobar2000 Stream Music to Phone

If you want to listen to your own home music collection from anywhere on Earth you can do so with Foobar2000 completely for FREE. You can stream the music via a phone or any device that has a browser BUT you do need internet access and the home PC or server needs to be turned ON and Foobar2000 has to be running.

There are also other setups that you could use to stream the music by using Foobar2000 or something else, but I’ve just focused on the part that I use, which is via the browser or the phone. Admittedly the downside of the mobile app is that there is no search functionality. Either that or I have a hard time finding it.

While I used the mobile app on my Android phone, it is also avaialble for iPhone.

Links used in the video
Download Foobar2000 –
Old Foobar2000 downloads –
UPnP plugin –

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