NOVA background generation in DaVinci Resolve

In this video I explore a few different options when it comes to using the NOVA plugin for DaVinci Resolve and making some background generators.


In the first example I make an animation that makes it look like you are one the bridge of a space ship and the ship is making a warp jump and then it comes back out of the warp jump to the normal cruise space ship speed.


In the second example I use a radial node and that can make it look like some arcade style or a disco style effect, with an additional blur node this could also be used as a bookeh generator.


In the third example I use a node that I never used before, and it’s simply awesome. You can choose from many of the geometric shapes but you can also choose from one of the stylised shapes, I used the default heart shape.


Lastly I use a mirror node and this node too is amazing. This can be used in many different scenarios depending on how you generated the shape – like applying some masks. To me it looked like something a techno music would want to use as a background. So I did a quick test by using the We Suck Less Audio plugin to sync it to some audio and it works great which means you can easily make unique backgrounds for music – most appropriate for techno music.




Link to the NOVA plugin

Link to Reactor – a plugin repository for DaVinci Resolve where you can also then find the We Suck Less Audio


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