Blender 3D Lighting Practice

So I’ve been following some of the Blender Guru tutorials on the Blender program and I came to lighting which I thaught was an interesting topic and I tried my hand at it. The models are not mine, I only changed the lighting to tell my interpretation of the story behind the scene. The images on the left are original and the right ones are the ones with the lighting applied.

First up is a model of a mafia guy – don’t know why the right eye is missing in the view, it shows fine in the render. Anyway, my take on this model was that this character is at the boxing ring, I didn’t want the background to stand out but just a location to place this character at, so we get a bit of a backstory.


This could also tell us how the character got the stiches. I used a blue light to go with the tie and the hat, I added a faint orangish light from the cigarette and some smoke after the render was complete in PhotoShop.

Next is a woman modelling and holding her phone (probably for a selfie), there was again some issues with the model, this time with hair in the preview.


I wanted to go with a darker horror type of sceene – you know teenagers in the middle of woods getting lost. So I added an image of woods, I should have used a darker image instead of a daylight one. I replaced the floor with the same image, I just repositioned it so it looks like she’s walking on a path. As for lights I went from the moonlight from the top left, phone light shining to her face and an indication that she was close to another source of light, like one of her friends walking infront of her, and that light just faintly hits her leg.

Lastly there is an interior room design. I went for a red/purple sunset look through the window and then I tried to figure out where other light sources might come from. I decided on a light source over the billiard table, a faint light source for each of the plants, I added an LED light source to the headphones so it brings a bit more interest to the left side of the room and I turned on the TV with some Horizon game footage. The TV doesn’t just grabs your focus but it also emits some light into the room. To finish it off I added some trees into the distance so they cast shadow onto the wall so it doesn’t feel so empty.

Until next time Jackalls, Keep it Digital

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