Connect Objects with lines in 2D & 3D in DaVinci Resolve

In this video I show how you can connect 2D and 3D shapes with lines so that the lines move between the shapes, stay connected and change their length even if the shapes move automatically, unpredictably in 2D or 3D space and even when they go out of the visible camera view.


In the 3 examples that can be seen in the video I first make 3 Transform nodes and Perturb their Center X and Y positions. this makes the Transform centers to be animated in an unpredictable way. Under the modifier tab, that shows up, we can then adjust the parameters so that the Transform center positions are not the same – and so we get 3 different points that are animated continuously throughout the duration of the clip.


I then make a polygon with 2 points (to make a line), I add points for the polygon and connect those points to the Transform centers that I previously perturbed. With 3 points you can only have 3 lines, but the number of total connections goes up exponentially if you increase the number of points.


Since we now have perturbed points I quickly make a shape with another polygon, and I connect those polygon points to the perturbed transform centers. By adding a mirror node we make a cool unique effect that can be used as a background and would be great for music videos.


Lastly I apply the same idea of connecting shapes with a line to the 3D space, by connecting spheres with a line. Since there is no polygon in the 3D space, the easiest way to connect the points is to use the Ribbon node since it has the start and end parameter. AND, most importantly, it has a solid connection between its starting and ending point.


To make the effect stand out you should use some (soft) glow nodes and lighting in the 3D space!

Until next time Jackalls, Keep it Digital

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