Make a Donut in DaVinci Resolve

In this video I make a fairly quick and simple donut using DaVinci Resolve 17 inside the Fusion page. The result is not as good as the one I got when using a dedicated 3D softwware – Blender. I folowed THE Donut tutorial by Blender Guru and I wanted to see what’s possible to do quickly with DaVinci Resolve. So if you just need a quick donut shape with icing and some sprinkles then DaVinci Resolve has you covered – correction I have you covered. You can then also add some texture to make it look more realistic and you can use other nodes to make people go WOW but only if your PC can handle all the effects.


When the quick and easy way starts to fall apart in DaVinci Resolve is with the icing. There is no quick and easy way to make the icing drip if you want to make it look nice, not to mention that you can’t add volume to the icing. I didn’t  go over this in the video so look at the following images how to use the masks.


I set the angle of the donut and icing to 90 degrees so that you can see both the inner and outer part of the icing torus. Then I first used a rectangle mask to get the base icing covered – you have to change the height of the rectangle to be less than half of the scene if you want the outer icing drip to be at about mid point.


I then used a polygon and a bspline to make the wave shaped icing, I suggest you use bspline since it will automatically make a curve between the points you make. The only thing that you have to do is to eyeball is the left and right position of the polygon/bspline mask so that they are at about the same height, otherwise you’ll get a sharp cut – just spin the donut around and you’ll see what I mean (it’s similar to what you can see in the video when I apply the Fast Noise texture).


In case that your rectangle mask goes to the donut midpoint then your outer icing mask will have to be positioned to the bottom (not the top as in my example), but keep the same icing drip orientation as you see in the image.

Until next time Jackalls, Keep it Digital

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