Custom Edit Controls DaVinci Resolve

In this video I show how you can add custom controls in DaVinci Resolve to nodes inside the fusion page. I use the Background node as an example but you can add the custom controls to all nodes.


You will most likely use sliders, but you can also use points and a basic text control, with which you can also do some calculations if you need to obtain the value from it. I show how this is done, but basically if you want to make calculations with a number from a custom text control in a text node you need to add “.Value” to obtain the actual value(number) from the text.


The edit control is in my opinion mostly useless since you can’t hide the predefined node controls anymore, which was a thing at some point. But you can still hide the controls that you added by copying the node, going to notepad, pasting the node code and adding “IC_Visible = false” to the control that you made, just look at how other properties are written in the code. However, if you make a custom node to be used more than once you’ll want to make a macro anyway and in macros you can define which control is visible and changeable by the user.

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