SCR mail scam

In this video I go over all of the RED flags one can encounter when receiving a too good to be true email, even if the email looks legit and doesn’t end up in your spam folder.

In this case I got an email from and it looked legitimate as it didn’t end up in my spam folder. What’s more the content of the mail looked like it was actually directed at me.

Even so, it only took 2 emails from them in order for me to know for certain what they’re trully after. And while I did give them the benefit of the doubt they didn’t do a good job of hiding the scam.

Just from the top of my head what the red flags were:
– random email name
– no mention who sent the email or who they represent
– a 20 second video file that has translation for all world languages
– google drive link
– download zip file only 900KB in size
– the zip file containing an .scr file

I forgot to mention what can actually happen if you run an .scr file and you don’t know who sent it. You can be a victim of ransomware (your PC gets locked or your files encrypted) OR your sensitive data could get stolen (passwords and credit card information) OR something else might happen, in any case you’ll have a bad day.

Until next time Jackalls, Keep it Digital

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