DaVinci Resolve 18 Custom Polygon

This video shows just one potential that the new Custom Polygon option has. I use the custom poly to connect 3 polygon shapes to it and animate seamlessly between them. But to take it a step further I show how you can animate more than 3 polygons.


In case that you animate more than 3 polygons and you use the same method (2 polygon nodes), then you will need to either change the polygon paint mode to “Add” or animate the length property. Otherwise the polygons will cut through each other where they intersect, even if the polygon “Level” is set to 0.

I have only shown how you can do the animation manually and to change between the shapes, but you can also use this and apply the Audio plugin to get some cool custom looking effects.

You can copy the bottom expressions for switching between 2 polygons. The same as it is in the user manual.


In the custom polygon layout:

– px and py represent the source polygon

– get2x(disp) and get2y(disp) represent the 2nd polygon

– get3x(disp) and get3y(disp) represent the 3rd polygon

X expression
Y expression

And these are the 2 expressions that I used for the X and Y polygon values. When n1 is less than or equal to 1 then the first part of the expression gets used. When n1 is more than 1 the second part of the expression gets used. The easiest way to see which equation gets used and the value you get is to use 0, 1 and 2 for n1.

X expression
if( n1 <= 1, (1-n1)*get3x(disp)+n1*get2x(disp), (2-n1)*get2x(disp)+(n1-1)*px)
Y expression
if( n1 <= 1, (1-n1)*get3y(disp)+n1*get2y(disp), (2-n1)*get2y(disp)+(n1-1)*py)

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