2D LOGO Animation Using Images | DaVinci Resolve

This video is about showing you examples of the options that you can use to make a 2D Logo Animation by using images in DaVinci Resolve. The only thing that you need to unlock on your own is your wild imagination – the wilder the better as you’ll be able to make things that no one else has thought of doing before!


So for this logo animation method you’ll need a logo and that logo split into multiple part images – since the logo was made in illustrator it was easy for me to export individual shapes (that make the logo) as images.


You then need to import all images into the fusion page and merge them, this can take some time depending on how many images you have. The animation will be done with transform nodes, so each image has to be connected to a transform node – and ideally you should make one transform node that will serve as a motion blur enabler/disabler, so that you don’t need to do that manually in each transform node.


The animations are then done by keyframing the following transform options:

– Center position

– Pivot

– Size

– Aspect

– Angle


Depending on what you use you can also animate blend or level options, but as I also show you in some cases that doesn’t work and you need to animate the Size and also have it go from 0.001 and not from 0.


Lastly, you can also reverse the animation at the halfway point and for this the fusion composition has to be long enough, otherwise the animation will reverse before it finishes the original animation. This is done with a Time speed and a Dissolve node.


Simply go to the #Fusion-fu tab and copy the code I used in the video for dissolve reversal.


And at the very end, if you want to export the video with transparency, go look at my previous post or watch this video on how to Export Video with Transparent Background

Until next time Jackalls, Keep it Digital

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