Custom Transition from preset

In this video I show how I made my 500 subscriber transitions using DaVinci Resolve. I go over the whole process of making both transitions. The ins and outs of a couple of nodes, the math expressions I used to make automatic transition switch, how to make a transition macro and how I show the end result and how to use the options we export in the macro.


Link to my 500 Subscriber video and tempaltes blog post.

Double Foreground Wipe transition

For the DISSOLVE NODE that we ADD use the following expression, which automatically switches between the media in 1 and media in 2 nodes instantly at the middle of the clip duration.

iif ( (comp.RenderEnd-time) < (comp.RenderEnd/2), 0, 1 )

In the original transition DISSOLVE NODE we put the following expression which takes care of half of the transition

iif ( (comp.RenderEnd-time) < (comp.RenderEnd/2), 1-( (time-comp.RenderEnd/2)*2 )/ comp.RenderEnd, 1 )

As for the last expression in the middle DISSOLVE NODE (originally Dissolve_1) we put the following expression which takes care of the other half of the transition

iif ( (comp.RenderEnd-time) < (comp.RenderEnd/2), 1-( (time-comp.RenderEnd/2)*2 )/comp.RenderEnd, 1-( (comp.RenderEnd/2-time)*2 )/comp.RenderEnd )

Waviness transition

This is a fun little transition because it can use your extra parameters as an input. However as a default static value I just used 30 for the Scale and a value of 100 for the waviness strength.

: if time < comp.RenderEnd/2 then return (30-(comp.RenderEnd/2-time)*2 /comp.RenderEnd*30); else return (30-(time-comp.RenderEnd/2)*2 /comp.RenderEnd*30); end

Now if you want to make a macro and be able to change the waviness scale and strength properties in the edit page then make 2 properties like I show in the tutorial – so in my case that was ScaleValue and WavinessStrength – and then use those values in the expression instead of the static value.

: if time <comp.RenderEnd/2 then return 

(ScaleValue-(comp.RenderEnd/2-time)*2 /comp.RenderEnd*ScaleValue); else return (ScaleValue-(time-comp.RenderEnd/2)*2 /comp.RenderEnd*ScaleValue); end


: if time <comp.RenderEnd/2 then return (WavinessStrength-(comp.RenderEnd/2-time)*2 /comp.RenderEnd*WavinessStrength); else return (WavinessStrength-(time-comp.RenderEnd/2)*2 /comp.RenderEnd*WavinessStrength); end

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