Split Text Effect

In this video I show how I made the 500 subscriber split text title effect using DaVinci Resolve video editing software. I go over the whole process of making the split text – the nodes I used, how to set up the animations and how to use an instance node – in this case I deinstance the invert mask property in the instance text node, so that only 1 rectangle mask is enough.

Lastly I go over on how to make a macro, with changable properties, so that you can simply click and drag the newly created Split Text Title, from the effects panel in the Edit or the Cut page, onto the timeline. I also show what the difference is when saving a macro with the Save option or the Save As Group option. Basically, the second option allows you to make adjustments to the fusion composition, while the first one doesn’t as it merges all nodes, that make up the effect, into one node.

Link to my 500 Subscriber video and tempaltes blog post.

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