Audio visualizer & Change image size to Music Beat in DaVinci Resolve

Hey Jackalls, in this ivdeo I show you another way how to make a cool looking visualizer in DaVinci Resolve. I make a circular visualizer with an image that changes it’s size to the beat.


To do that you need to instal 2 plugins the Audio Waveform plugin and the We Suck Less Audio Modifier plugin. The easiest way to install those is to install Reactor (link is here, which is a library that contains a lot of the community plugins.


Once you have he plugins installed you can follow along. I have split the tutorial into 2 parts, one for the waveform visualizer and the other for changing the image size based on the music beat.


When you get to the part when I add the spacing to the visualizer, don’t get confused. I don’t have any space because of how I changed the size and the soft  glow node. I later fix this in the video. Also if you want to align the spacing to the bar width more precise, simply display those nodes – I didn’t do this so the spacing looks a bit off. One more thing, you can change the number of copies in the duplicate node to what you want.


Make sure you use the same resolution in most of the background nodes. The last background node is the one that will make the effect look the same as it will look on the timeline. However, this is just my preference, you do you.


The second part is when I change the image size based on the music beat. I have done examples of this in other videos before, like mouth shape animation tutorial is one of them.


I use the Suck Less Audio Modifier plugin for this part. By using a Custom Tool node I have a quick access to a slider, but I could also add a custom slider to any existing node.


The Expression I used is this one iif(CustomTool1.NumberIn1<0.7, 0.9, 1.0) The 0.7 value is threshold, meaning when 0.9 and 1.0 will be set. So if teh expression is less than 0.7, the image size will be 0.9, otherwise the size will be 1.0. You can change the size values to your liking and adjust the threshold value to your music. Also keep in mind that I changed the Amplitude Scale inside the audio plugin to 2, that is why the threshold is twice as big, at least in my case. So if I left everything to default, I would use 0.35 as the threshold.

Until next time Jackalls, Keep it Digital

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