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Hey Jackalls, I’m Simon and in this video I quickly show you how to save LUTs (Look Up Tables) that you can use to color grade your videos. However, I not only show you that, I also show you how to save effects that you make in the Color Page of DaVinci Resolve – which is really not ideal, but still possible – so that you can reuse those effects in other video clips and even other projects.


As an example in this video intro I applied a hologram effect preset that I made in a previous video – inside the Color Page of DaVinci Resolve.


So if you make a cool effect inside the color page and want to save it, you can! But there is no elegant one click solution. What you have to do is make an adjustment clip and put it on the timeline, copy the effect (with CTRL+C) and paste the “color correction” (with ALT+V) to the adjustment clip. Then save that adjustment clip to the power bin by simply dragging it from the timeline to the power bin.


Then you can simply access the power and use the effect as is, if you only have one clip. Otherwise, you’ll need to copy the adjustment clip (CTRL+C) and paste the collor correction (ALT+V) to the clip that you want to apply the effect to. If you have an effect similar to the hologram that I use as an example, then also change the apply mode of the clip that has the effect to ‘Add’ for a better result.

Until next time Jackalls, Keep it Digital

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