Viva La Dirt League Text Effect Tempalte for DaVinci Resolve

If you’re a fan of Viva La Dirt League and wanted to make your own sketches or use a similar style of text that they use in their Facebook videos then you’re in luck. I show you how to make it, or just download it, for DaVinci Resolve. What’s good about this template, in my opinion, is that the text Title can be simply used in the Edit page and you can adjust, enable or disable the effects in the Inspector tab.

So the effects that you can apply to the text are:
– write on function in the text node
– jittery angle with a pivot point using transform
– waviness
– automatic or manual dent animation
– change part of the text color
– make duplicate text for fade effect

Because I used a rectangle as a mask all of those effects can be limited by the rectangle shape, and the dent effect is automatically animated over the duration of the text from the left side to the right side of the rectangle mask.

If you have any question ask them in the youtube comments or join my discord channel, link down below.

Until next time Jackalls, Keep it Digital

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