Logitech G305 Mouse Quiet MOD

In this video I show you what a difference it can make when replacing the micro switches inside a mouse, at least when it comes to the loudness of the mouse buttons. As you can see in the thumbnail you can lower the mouse click noise by -15dB or even more or less, depending on the switches you use and the mouse you have.

While I don’t show you the dissassembly and soldering process in this video, you can check my other channel Jackall DiY how that can be done and the switches I used. However, I do show you the actual sound difference you can get when doing this fairly simple modification. The only thing that can’t be changed easily, using a non-electric conductive silicone spray, is the mouse scroll wheel – this Logitech G350 mouse still has a grinding noise.

Until next time Jackalls, Keep it Digital

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