Fast & FREE Lip SYNC using Rhubarb

In this video I show how you can easily, fast and for FREE make automatic audio LIP SYNC in DaVinci Resolve by using Rhubarb Lip Sync and a piece of code that I wrote. If you have Python installed you can also use my python script, but for ease of use I converted the script into an .exe file so anyone can use it. Simply launch it and follow the onscreen instructions.

You need to put the audio file that you want to work with into the Rhubarb folder, THEN you need to put the DaVinci Resolve exported fcpxml file AND the rhubarb text file into the same folder as my RhubarbDR.exe

Rhubarb github link
Download all of my FREE files, but if you want just the files I used in this video look for Automatic Mouth LIP SYNC Rhubarb folder

Until next time Jackalls, Keep it Digital

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