Lip SYNC using Allosaurus

In this video I show and explain how to make automatic lip sync animation using mouth images that you specify. This is my workaround on how to do this in DaVinci Resolve since it doesn’t support it by default. Anyone should be able to follow the steps, the only requirement is that you know how to install Python and other Python programs or packages, in this case Allosaurus.

A quick overview of what we need to do.
– We make a davinci resolve timeline with mouth shape images that we want to use and we export that timeline as an fcpxml file.
– We have an audio file in wav format, we convert that file to a phoneme list.
– With my first piece of code we convert the phoneme list to subtitles. Using subsimple we convert the srt subtitles to fcpxml file.
– We use my second piece of code with the mouth fcpxml file and the converted phoneme fcpxml file to combine them and make a final fcpxml file
– Lastly, we end up back in DaVinci Resolve importing the final fcpxml file and the mouth shapes are automatically synced to the audio file you used.

LINKS to resources I used in the video:
Python download:
Allosaurus download:
If you have f2py installation error:

Download my FREE code files and mouth shape images with instructions (mega link shortened with bitly)
Phoneme cheat sheet:
SubSimple to convert SRT to FCPXML:

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