4 Best ON screen keyboard displays

In this video I go over the best 4 FREE on screen display keyboard apps that you can use to show keyboard shortcut preses, which you can use for tutorials or presentations, or what you actually type, which is super useful if you don’t want to strain your eyes.

This list is my opinion, if you have any other free OSD app that you use let me know in the comments.

Each of the 4 apps does something differently and the length of the time I dedicated in the video to a particular app doesn’t mean how good it is, but how many features it has – which you might not need.

Autohotkey program:
OSD Hotkey:
KeyPress OSD:

Carnac keymap location if you use version 3.1, otherwise right click the desktop shortcut and under properties copy the file path and paste it into the explorer. C:\Users\YouUserName\AppData\Local\carnac\app-3.1\Keymaps

Until next time Jackalls, Keep it Digital

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