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In this DaVinci Resolve tutorial I show how you can make a motion graphic that connects 2 shapes, an ellipse and a rectangle, with a line (polygon). I leave the creative animation part up to you but I explain how this can be done and I also show you how you can connect a line to one side of a rectangle instead of its center.


Getting fancy to adjust the polygon line with math can be tough, especally when it comes to ellipses or other shapes that you might use. So it’s best to just mask the unwanted polygon line with the same solid shape if you need an outline.


The polygon line can be animated with the Write On property and if you’re feeling fancy you can use the Paint node and use an image, just like I show a quick demo with the yellow car that orientates itself based on the line heading.


When it comes to animating the rectangle you can use the Position and Length properties among other things for a basic animation or just go ham.


And the last thing that you’ll want to do is to make a macro out of the effect so that you can use it in the edit page and do all the positioning adjustments there (the animation should be a done deal, unless you want to change it)


Making a macro
Connect objects with lines
Use Image along path

Line connecting the shape centers

Point0 = Point(Ellipse1.Center.X, Ellipse1.Center.Y)

Point1 = Point(Rectangle1.Center.X, Rectangle1.Center.Y)

Line connected to left rectangle side

Point0 = Point(Ellipse1.Center.X, Ellipse1.Center.Y)

Point1 = Point(Rectangle1.Center.X – Rectangle1.Width/2, Rectangle1.Center.Y)

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