Animate 3D Lines Around Subject | DaVinci Resolve

In this DaVinci Resolve tutorial I show how you can use the Ribbon tool to animate lines in the 3D space and make the lines go around the subject or an object that you also position in teh 3D space.


The easiest way to remove the subject from the background if you have a uniform background – like a green screen – otherwise you can use the magic mask tool i nthe color page, if you have the studio version of davinci resolve – you would then have to go to the edit page and make a compound clip, and then in the fusion composition remove the delta keyer, since the magic mask already makes a mask. You can also make a mask manually by using a polygon node, which will be very time consuming, but you also have alternatives with other 3rd party tools that can mask out a subject from any background.


In case you want to know more indepth infromation about this effect feel free to ask by either going to my youtube comment section or my discord, or you can check out the video of the original author of the effect – although the video is in German it does show one of the 3rd party tools for masking, but they didn’t connect any effect nodes – like I did with the soft glow and masking it – 

Until next time Jackalls, Keep it Digital

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