Border countdown timer (social media)

In this video you will learn how to make a dynamic bar coundown timer that goes around the border of the video clip. You will learn how to make the effect reusable for other clips and projects – the projects can be of different dimensions and frames per second, which I didn’t specifically mention in the video.


Why did I use a rectangle for the effect? Because when we use different dimensions, and if we set the maximum width and height in the rectangle, then it will always use the maximum value no matter what timeline resolution you use. Otherwise you may get unwanted results, but try it out yourself to see.

CODE instructions CONFUSING? READ ON The 1st piece of code I used to calculate the ratio (I made an expression and I put it in the comment in the rectangle node), copy everything


The 2nd piece of code is used in the rectangle position, also make an expression and copy everything
:if (ratio == 1.77) then return 0.585; end; if (ratio == 0.56) then return 0.657; end; if (ratio == 0.8) then return 0.636; end; if (ratio == 1) then return 0.622; end; if (ratio == 1.89) then return 0.58; end;
The 2nd code will work for these timeline resolutions out of the box:
– 1080×1920
– 1080×1350
– 1080×1080
– 1920×1080
– 3840×2160
– 4096×2160

IF a resolution is not listed here check the video how to calculate the resolution ratio. If that ratio equals one of the values in the 2nd piece of the code then the effect will work out of the box, otherwise you will have to add to the expression and adjust the position value like I show in the video.

Video on making macros
Video on text timer expression if you want to add it to this effect

Until next time Jackalls, Keep it Digital

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